October's Birthstones | Opal & Pink Tourmaline

October's Birthstones | Opal & Pink Tourmaline


Is October’s Birthstone Opal or Tourmaline?


Those who were born in October have the privilege of celebrating their birthdays with two stunning birthstones: opal and pink tourmaline. The birthstones for this month are known for their multi-coloured brilliance, as both opal and tourmaline typically display a captivating spectrum of tones. The diverse array of colours contributes to the distinctive appeal of October birthstone jewellery. You have the freedom to personalise any piece according to your style and personality. These exceptional gemstones open an array of jewellery possibilities, ranging from elegant pendants to charming earrings.

Opal's enchanting play of kaleidoscopic colours sets it apart from all other gems. Describing the elusive beauty of fine opal proves to be a challenging task, as its shifting tones have been likened to a mesmerizing display of fireworks, the graceful movements of jellyfish, the vast expanse of galaxies, the electrifying patterns of lightning and the fiery eruptions of volcanoes.

Traditionally associated with a delicate pink hue, tourmaline, representing October's birthstone, breaks convention by showcasing a delightful spectrum of colours. From the widely accepted pink to captivating shades of blue, high-end reds and vibrant greens, tourmaline's versatility graces the showrooms of designer jewellers, offering a dazzling array of choices for those seeking unique and exquisite jewellery pieces.






The Kaleidoscopic Opal



The current name "opal" has sparked various theories regarding its origins. One hypothesis suggests that it may derive from the Sanskrit word "upala," signifying "precious stone." Another plausible option is the Greek term "opallios," which translates to "to see a change in colour," reflecting the gem's characteristic play of colours. Lastly, the Latin term "opalus" is often construed as "precious jewel," adding another layer to the etymological exploration of this captivating gemstone.

Active opal mines span South American countries like Brazil, Nicaragua, Peru and Guatemala. Mexico is the primary source of fire opal, while Australia, especially Lightning Ridge and Winton, dominates gem-quality opal production.

Opal's versatile appearance includes diverse base colours like red, yellow, white and black. Its captivating play-of-colour exhibits tones such as desirable red, blue, green and orange. Transparency ranges from clear to translucent, allowing light penetration, and fully opaque where light cannot enter.




What is the Opal Meaning?

The captivating appearance of opal has given rise to diverse cultural associations across centuries. Its most distinctive feature, the sparkling play of colour, is at the heart of much of the surrounding lore. This kaleidoscopic display naturally linked opal to eyes and sight in various historical contexts.

The contemporary belief in opals promoting ocular health traces back to ancient Greece, where opal was thought to be among the gems aiding individuals in foreseeing the future. Today, people wear opals not only for their alleged ability to enhance intuition but also to expand their minds. In European traditions, there's an intriguing perspective that associates opals with bending light, potentially rendering the wearer invisible. While this concept offers a fascinating notion, it raised concerns about the potential misuse of opals by thieves seeking to exploit these perceived stealth capabilities.







The 'Rubellite' Pink Tourmaline



The term for this gemstone originates from the Sinhalese term "toromalli," signifying mixed gems. Believed to enhance self-awareness and understanding of others, this stone possesses the capacity to boost confidence. It is recognized as a stone of enlightenment, offering a calming influence and aiding in maintaining perspective. If opal doesn't resonate as the ideal birthstone for you, and you prefer a different colour, we suggest exploring Tourmaline as an alternative.

High-quality pink tourmaline can be discovered in various countries, including Brazil, Nigeria, Mozambique and parts of West Africa.

Pink tourmaline is also known as the perfect expression of love and compassion, traditionally exchanged between couples to mark the 8th wedding anniversary.





Its Meaning & Energy

Pink tourmaline embodies the energies of love, compassion, emotional healing and self-love. It serves as a soothing presence during moments of emotional turbulence, making it an ideal companion for those grappling with daily anxiety. The potency of this healing stone is amplified by its common association with quartz masses. Quartz possesses a natural ability to enhance the properties of adjacent stones, making pink tourmaline a recommended choice for individuals burdened by intense emotional pain centered around the heart.

Whether you've experienced recent tragedies, heartbreak, the loss of a loved one, or persistent daily depression, pink tourmaline emerges as a beacon of solace. Consider incorporating this stone into your meditation practice by placing it over your heart. Allow the crystal's healing energies to permeate your heart space, providing an opportunity to confront and address whatever burdens you. Embrace the journey towards resolution and healing.








Throughout history, birthstones have maintained their significance, forming connections to essential aspects of society such as religion and customs. This tradition persists in modern times, adapting to contemporary ideas, tastes and trends. Explore a diverse array of these exquisite gemstones at Weir & Sons.




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