September’s Birthstone |The Enchanting Sapphire

September’s Birthstone |The Enchanting Sapphire

What's September's birthstone?


Being the ninth month upon us, we find ourselves at the threshold of the enchanting and romantic autumnal season. Within this month lies a gemstone that epitomizes loyalty, romance and an air of high society—the sapphire. 

This stone is cherished by many, and it can be found in only a few countries across the globe. While sapphires are available in various shades and colours, they are primarily linked with the colour blue.

Furthermore, its remarkable durability, boasting a formidable 9 on Moh's scale of hardness, firmly establishes it as a precious gemstone second only to the diamond in terms of toughness and resilience.




The Sapphire: Its Origins and Symbolism

The term 'sapphire' traces its linguistic origins to the Latin word 'sapphirus,' signifying the colour blue. Its etymological roots also delve into Ancient Greek and the Middle Eastern languages. In the annals of Greek mythology, the god Apollo, revered as the embodiment of archery, music, dance, truth, prophecy, healing, disease, the sun, light and poetry, found himself honoured by ancient Greeks through the wearing of sapphires. Pilgrims often presented sapphires at Apollo's sacred temples, adorning themselves with these precious gems as a heartfelt plea for divine intervention in healing the ailing.





The Perfect Gem for Engagement Rings

September is a favoured month for weddings, drawing couples with its delightful weather and the picturesque transformation of leaves as autumn arrives. This season, known for its capacity for change, invites a sense of renewal, creativity and the shedding of old chapters to welcome fresh beginnings.

One of the most iconic engagement rings belongs to Princess Diana, who received a 12-carat sapphire from Prince Charles during their engagement. Today, this same sapphire ring has gained fame as the one Prince William presented to Kate Middleton when he proposed to her.







The Wonders of Wearing Sapphire on Bracelets and Pendants

The authentic Neelam Stone is renowned for its reputed capacity to transform modest beginnings into substantial prosperity. It stands out as one of the swiftest-acting gemstones, exhibiting its potential when worn in accordance with birth chart recommendations and planetary alignments. 

When utilized correctly, this gemstone has the potential to usher in remarkable wealth, recognition, and achievements. Moreover, it will inculcate discipline, patience and the courage to work hard. It can also improve the condition of the bones, your mind and enhance your senses.

Adorning your outfit with blue or pink sapphires not only facilitates these transformative changes but also adds a touch of elegance to your appearance.









At Weir & Sons, you'll find a wide selection of this precious gemstone. We encourage you to trust your personal taste when selecting jewellery that complements your unique style, no matter the conventional birthstone recommendations.




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