The April Birthstone - Diamond

The April Birthstone - Diamond

For people lucky enough to be born in April their birthstone is the most famous of all gemstones - the Diamond. Most sought after for the colourless variety, this gemstone can also come in an array of colours. The colour of a diamond depends on the composition of the impurities in the stone. When there is nitrogen present in a diamond this can result in a canary yellow diamond whereas if boron is present you will have a blue diamond. Today, diamonds are exchanged as a symbol of love in the form of engagement rings and other jewellery.

The name diamond comes from the Greek word for invincible ‘Adamas’, due to the hardness of the gemstone as well as the healing properties that it is believed to have. The only substance hard enough to scratch a diamond is in fact another diamond - diamonds are even sometimes used for cutting and polishing other diamonds. Additionally, diamond is the only substance which is a 10 on Mohs scale of hardness meaning they are hardest and most durable gemstone known to man. This is one of the many reasons that diamonds are a preferred choice in engagement rings - they are a stone that will last the test of time.

Diamonds Throughout History

Ancient theories believed that these gemstones were formed by lightning. Whereas, other theories suggested that they were the tears of God. We now know that these gemstones are made up of carbon under extreme pressure and heat, formed in the earth’s mantel. Diamonds are a representation of strength and clarity. Throughout history, diamonds have been cherished and coveted by many. When diamonds were first discovered in India, over 2,500 years ago, people claimed they felt a mystical power when they touched a diamond. These gemstones were treasured for their ability to refract light and engrave metal.

In 1477, the tradition of gifting a diamond for a proposal was first recorded. This was noted when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gifted his betrothed, Mary of Burgandy, a diamond ring as a symbol of their marriage. This ring had diamonds crafted in the shape of an 'M'. Diamonds are given as a token of love today because they represent love, innocence and faithfulness. Their endurance is something that we admire along with their ability to dazzle.

In the 1700s, the diamond supplies in India saw a decline. In 1866, there was a discovery of diamonds in Kimberly, South Africa. Later in 1888, an entrepreneur named Cecil Rhodes established De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited. And by 1900, De Beer's controlled 90% of the World's diamond production through its mines in South Africa. Today other countries such as Australia, Canada and Botswana have working diamond deposits, supplying much of the world's diamond needs.

Healing Properties

Diamonds are associated with purity and are said to be a stone of light. Thought to imbue the wearer with the gifts of strength, courage and purity. This gemstone was once dubbed as the stone of invincibility, believed to be able to bring victory to the wearer in battle. Additionally, these stones are amplifiers, able to increase feelings of positivity. This birthstone can also aid with anxiety and underlying fears according to some. The true beauty within a diamond is revealed when the stone is cut, therefore it is sometimes compared to the inner beauty within people. A gemstone that has the ability to play with light, the diamond is a stone that has fascinated many.

The April birthstone is a stone of beauty with a long history as a the symbol of love, ensuring it will be a gift that is treasured for a lifetime. we recommend browsing our collection online for some inspiration.

We always recommend choosing a gemstone that you feel a connection to despite whatever your birthstone is. Nevertheless, with many fantastic gems to choose from, this can be hard. To view more of the gemstone jewellery that we have available at Weir & Sons, please click the link below.

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