TUDOR New Releases 2023 – Alinghi Red Bull Partnership

TUDOR New Releases 2023 – Alinghi Red Bull Partnership



TUDOR is excited to announce the launch of its latest Pelagos FXD collection, inspired by its partnership with Alinghi Red Bull Racing. This collaboration has led to the creation of two exceptional models: a chronograph and a time-only watch, both drawing inspiration from the thrilling world of yacht racing. Crafted with a blend of carbon composite, titanium and stainless steel, these timepieces encapsulate the audacious spirit required to compete in the most fiercely competitive yacht race in history.

The Pelagos FXD "Alinghi Red Bull Racing Edition" models do not only mark a milestone for TUDOR but also represent a significant step beyond the realm of horology. The long-term partnership with Alinghi Red Bull Racing commenced in 2022, marking TUDOR's first foray into the world of competitive yacht racing. In this ancient sport, success is achieved by fusing an unyielding daring attitude with cutting-edge technology. These watches embody this philosophy by incorporating a groundbreaking carbon composite – a first for TUDOR – along with titanium and stainless steel, reminiscent of the AC75 hydrofoil racing yachts that partake in the America's Cup.

Moreover, the Pelagos FXD "Alinghi Red Bull Racing Edition" models feature another noteworthy innovation: the integration of a chronograph Calibre into a fixed strap-bars case, a first of its kind for TUDOR.

The adventurous and pioneering spirit of TUDOR is unmistakable in the design and craftsmanship of the Pelagos FXD and Pelagos FXD Chrono models. These watches exemplify the shared vision of TUDOR and Alinghi Red Bull Racing, two distinct entities united in their commitment to pushing the boundaries of tradition.







The Alinghi Red Bull Racing AC75 showcases cutting-edge maritime engineering with a blend of carbon, titanium and stainless steel for a high-speed hull design. The Pelagos FXD models share this technical mastery, featuring a carbon composite case and bezel insert, lightweight titanium components and durable 316L stainless steel. With a 200-metre water-resistant FXD case and a 120-notch rotatable bezel using Swiss Super-LumiNova® Grade X1, these watches cater to regatta enthusiasts. The collaboration is sealed with the Alinghi Red Bull Racing logo engraved on the case back, resulting in distinct, high-tech mechanical sports watches.







Race Ready Dials

The matte dials of both models match the AC75 hull's hue, prioritizing legibility. The Alinghi Red Bull Racing Team Blue finish, accompanied by a red-tipped second hand, adorns both dials. The Chronograph model further highlights the AC75 aesthetics with red accents around the counters, resembling the hull's red stripes. The dial's layout features a subtle "Alinghi Red Bull Racing" mention overarched between 10 and 2 on the 45° angled rehaut. Additionally, the signature square hour-markers and "Snowflake" hands, designed in the sixties by TUDOR for enhanced legibility, are now crafted from luminescent ceramic composite to ensure optimal visibility in challenging conditions.






The Pelagos FXD is powered by the robust and precise Manufacture Calibre MT5602, boasting hour, minute, and seconds functions. This TUDOR masterpiece showcases the signature aesthetics of the brand's Manufacture Calibres, with its tungsten monobloc openwork rotor, alternating sand-blasted and polished surfaces, and laser decorations on bridges and main plate. The design emphasizes durability and precision, featuring a variable inertia balance wheel held by a sturdy traversing bridge with two-point anchoring. Additionally, the non-magnetic silicon hairspring allows the calibre to surpass COSC certification, maintaining a remarkable tolerance range of 6 seconds (-2/+4) per day. Moreover, the MT5602 ensures a "weekend-proof" power reserve, allowing wearers to go uninterrupted from Friday to Monday without winding.






The Pelagos FXD Chrono is powered by the exceptional Manufacture Calibre MT5813, boasting hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, and date functions. The matte finish, typical of TUDOR Manufacture Calibres, is complemented by a signature tungsten openwork monobloc rotor. With a "weekend-proof" 70-hour power reserve and a silicon balance spring, this COSC-certified chronograph surpasses the institute's standards with a mere -2 to +4 seconds' variation per day. Crafted with a column wheel mechanism and vertical clutch, the high-performance movement follows the purest watchmaking tradition, exemplifying TUDOR's philosophy of quality, robustness and reliability, validated through rigorous testing on all their timepieces. Developed in collaboration with Breitling, it bears exclusive finishes and a high-precision regulating organ.









In 2017, TUDOR launched a new campaign with the #BornToDare signature. It reflects both the history of the brand and what it stands for today. It tells the adventures of individuals who have achieved the extraordinary on land, on ice, in the air or underwater, with a TUDOR watch on their wrists. It also refers to the vision of Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of TUDOR, who manufactured TUDOR watches to withstand the most extreme conditions, watches made for the most daring lifestyles. It is testimony to TUDOR's singular approach to watchmaking, which has made it what it is today. At the cutting edge of the watchmaking industry, its innovations are now essential benchmarks. The TUDOR #BornToDare spirit is supported throughout the world by first class ambassadors, whose life achievements result directly from a daring approach to life.


TUDOR is an award-winning Swiss-made watch brand, offering mechanical watches with sophisticated style, proven reliability and unmatched value for money. The origins of TUDOR date back to 1926, when “The Tudor” was first registered as a brand on behalf of the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf. He officially set up the Montres TUDOR SA company in 1946 to produce watches that respect the traditional Rolex philosophy of quality at a more affordable price point. Throughout their history, thanks to their robustness and affordability, TUDOR watches have been chosen by some of the boldest adventurers, on land, in the air, underwater and on ice. Today, the TUDOR collection includes iconic lines such as Black Bay, Pelagos, 1926 and Royal. Since 2015, TUDOR has also offered models with mechanical Manufacture Calibres with multiple functions and superior performance.

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