Types of Engraving

1. Computerized Engraving

Computerized engraving is available for a range of products including pens, writing instruments, photo frames, baby gifts, jewellery, cufflinks, watches, cases and trophies.

Available in block, uppercase, lowercase and script fonts.

Examples below of engraving on Pens, frames or other flat surface items.



Uppercase - Block font Lower Case - Regular font Script Font
Upper Case Block Font Regular lower case font Script Font


Full Name or Initials - Singular line Engraving.

Example: Dr Martin O'Connor

Example: Dr M. O'Connor


Name and Date 

(max lettering may apply)


Martin O'Connor dd/mm/yy





2. Hand Engraving - available in-store

Weir & Sons provide hand engraving for a range of products including baby gifts, jewellery, cufflinks and trophies.

We recommend that all Baby Bangles are hand engraved, with a maximum of 10 characters.

Special engraving options such as company logos and coats of arms are available on request.

Hand Engraving Prices on request - please contact customersupport@weirandsons.ie

Or call +353 (1) 677 9678


Product Price per character Minimum Work
Ring or Bangle - Inside €7.00 €25.00
Ring or Bangle - Outside €7.00 €25.00
Pendant or Locket Initials €13.00 €25.00
Cufflink Initials (per item) €13.00 €25.00
Handle Initials (Spoon, rattle, brush, etc.) €13.00 €25.00
Flat Surface (small text on pendants, etc.) €7.00 €25.00
Curved Surface (Cup, Mug, Quaff, etc.) €10.00 €50.00
Trophy Name & Date €7.00 €40.00
Watches €10.00  €100.00
Non Precious metals (ie. Golf Clubs, etc.) On Quotation  €100.00
Signet Ring - Flat Pattern On Quotation  €200.00
Signet Ring - Seal carving On Quotation  €500.00
Signet Ring - Cypher On Quotation  €175.00
Facsimile On Quotation  €120.00



On non Weir & Sons products, an additional fee of €30.00 will be added to the total price



Items suitable for engraving 


Writing Instruments

Montblanc Writing Instruments – All Montblanc Pens suitable for engraving will be engraved on the clip when using online engraving service. Single-line engraving only. For further bespoke Montblanc Engraving options, please contact customersupport@weirandsons.ie. Prices from €35.

Cross Pens and other Branded Pens – All Cross Pens suitable for engraving will be engraved on the cap as held in the right hand when using our online engraving service. Single-line engraving only.


For further pen engraving options on please contact customersupport@weirandsons.ie.



The reverse (the back) of many watches are suitable to be engraved, but not all watch backs have enough space to engrave. Discover watches that can be personalised with a special engraving here


Photo Frames

Many, but not all of our silver and silver-plated frames are suitable for engraving. All engravable frames will be computerized engraved. Frames with a patterned surface are unsuitable for engraving as are frames of any other material than silver or metal. Prices as per above.


Trophy Engraving

Trophy engraving is available in-store only. We offer a large selection of trophy engraving services. Please contact customersupport@weirandsons.ie or call +353 (1) 677 9678 for further information on trophy engraving.


Silverware & Gift Items

Gift items such as baby mugs, spoons, rattles, money boxes and jewellery boxes are often suitable for engraving, once they have a large enough flat surface. Gifts with a patterned surface are unsuitable for engraving as are items of any other material than silver or metal. Prices as per above.



Bangles and disc pendants are commonly engraved for special occasions. Once the item has sufficient space and has a flat surface, it will be suitable for engraving. Prices as per above.



Cufflinks are commonly engraved with initials or short words for special occasions. Once the cufflinks have sufficient space and a flat surface, they will be suitable for engraving. Cufflinks can be hand engraved or computerized engraved. Prices at per above per cufflink.


Thomas Sabo Free Optional Engraving Service

Weir & Sons are delighted to offer the free optional engraving option on many Thomas Sabo charms and pendants. here are Three scripts available: Script, Romantic and Block. Below are some examples of the fonts available from Thomas Sabo.


Examples of  "Romantic Font" Examples of "Script Font"



Personalised Calligraphy on Leather Items


We are delighted to offer personalised Calligraphy on selected leather goods in-store and online.

Priced for this personalisation start at €15 for up to 3 words.

Personalised calligraphy is applied to leather goods with a permanent, metallic ink which is durable and long-lasting.

As leather is a natural and porous material, the ink will wear be subject to normal wear over time.


  1. We aim to make the engraving process as easy as possible online, so all suitable products for engraving will automatically have an engraving option applied online.

  2. All engraving text is subject to space on item for engraving. If there is a case of over-lettering with online engraving a member of customer support will contact the customer to discuss a possible solution.

  3. All engraved items are deemed ‘bespoke’ and will not be suitable for return or refund. This will be strictly enforced in accordance with our returns policy.

  4. Engraving items takes up to 4 days, so please be mindful of this wait time when ordering an engraved item online.

  5. All hand-engraved items prices are subject to the number of letters required.

  6. Hand-engraving options other than baby bangles are available in-store only.



For any further information regarding engraving please contact customersupport@weirandsons.ie or call +353 (1) 677 9678.


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