S.T. Dupont | The Brand Behind Kings, Queens & Shapers of Time

S.T. Dupont | The Brand Behind Kings, Queens & Shapers of Time

Since 1872, S.T. Dupont has valued itself in crafting "exceptional objects for exceptional people". Honouring 150 years of exquisite craftsmanship and expertise, reacquaint yourself with the Maison through their assortment of lighters, writing instruments and luxury accessories.


Let’s revisit the 150th anniversary  collaboration “L’Aurore” Montecristo, now available at Weir & Sons.





S.T Dupont Beginnings



S.T. Dupont's origins trace back to when Simon Tissot Dupont relocated to Paris to establish his trunk workshop. Swiftly gaining favour among prominent members of high society, the Maison earned the moniker "Trunk-maker of kings," cultivating a devoted clientele. At the request of the Maharajah of Patiala in 1941, the iconic S.T. Dupont lighter was conceived, marking the Maison's debut into luxury lighter production. Over the years, the range of lighters, from lacquered to guilloched, continued to captivate the world's elite, alongside the now-iconic Dupont "Cling."

S.T Dupont at Weir & SonsS.T Dupont at Weir & Sons





From Queens to Icons: S.T. Dupont Admirers



Queen Elizabeth II, known worldwide for her position in the royal family of England. The princess was gifted a travel trunk by the Maison as a wedding gift.



The S.T. Dupont Audrey Hepburn Night Lighter is a striking collaboration, inspired by the pearl necklace from the classic film Funny Face. This exclusive piece beautifully bridges the worlds of cinema and luxury.





S.T Dupont is known through four major arts



The art of fire




S.T Dupont at Weir & SonsS.T Dupont at Weir & Sons

The art of writing




S.T Dupont at Weir & SonsS.T Dupont at Weir & Sons

The art of travelling

Leather Bags



S.T Dupont at Weir & SonsS.T Dupont at Weir & Sons

The art of seduction




S.T Dupont at Weir & SonsS.T Dupont at Weir & Sons





150th Anniversary Collaboration: "L'Aurore" Montecristo Collection





Montecristo stands as a global icon among Habanos brands, revered for its unparalleled flavor profile. Just as S.T. Dupont luxury lighters epitomise exquisite craftsmanship, Montecristo by Habanos represents the pinnacle of artistry. Established in 1935 and named after Alexandre Dumas's literary hero, The Count of Monte-Cristo, the brand's lore intertwines with cigar factory culture, where lectors narrated Dumas's novel to artisans at work. Concurrently, in Faverges, S.T. Dupont honed exquisite Chinese lacquering as an art form.


Celebrating its 150th anniversary, Maison S.T. Dupont collaborates with Montecristo, melding their expertise into a collection sure to enthral aficionados. This poetic line, comprising Crépuscule, Nuit, and Aurore variations, echoes the novel's vibrant third part, mirroring Edmond Dantès' resurgence in Alexandre Dumas's narrative.


The "L'Aurore" collection, inspired by the novel's dawn, evokes renewal, peace, and forgiveness. Radiating a soft yet brilliant gradient, these offerings, including lighters, writing instruments, cigar accessories, and cufflinks, symbolise the restoration of serenity after tumultuous trials. Meticulously handcrafted by six specialized artisans over a week, each creation reflects unparalleled mastery and dedication to their crafts.





L'Aurore Lighters



The "L'Aurore" gradient on each of the lighters achieves enhanced depth through three layers of lacquer in varying tones. One side showcases the prestigious Habanos Montecristo brand logo in golden stamping, while the other features a decorative motif of a golden-toned sun. The Grand Dupont proudly exhibits its prized twin flame, highly valued by cigar aficionados. Its initial low flame delicately heats the Habanos, while a powerful and consistent torch flame ensures a reliable light in any situation. The Ligne 2 model seamlessly complements the iconic lighters in the House's collection. 






L’ Aurore Cigar Accessories



The cigar accessories receive meticulous attention from the Maison's artisans. The classic porcelain ashtray undergoes careful hand-painting, embellished with golden accents atop three layers of lacquer. Similarly, the leather and gold-toned metal cigar case proudly displays the Montecristo insignia alongside the Aurore motif, achieved through stamping. To complete this comprehensive set of accessories, a stand guillotine cigar cutter is included, adding a perfect finishing touch to the collection.






Explore timeless elegance with unparalled craftmanship in S.T. Dupont's collection of lighters, Pens and luxury accesories. Immerse yourself in the exquisite assortment available at Weir & Sons.




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