St. Patrick's Day at Weir & Sons

St. Patrick's Day at Weir & Sons


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St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year in the world. It is also the holiday by which we celebrate Saint Patrick, who not only rid the isle of snakes, but also brought Christianity to the country.  



Green Inspiration for St. Patrick's Day 


The fact that Ireland is an island—as well as green with leafy trees and grassy hills—means that the country is sometimes called the Emerald Isle. However, the colour that people originally associated with St. Patrick was blue! (Some ancient Irish flags even sport this colour). Green was finally introduced to St. Patrick’s Day festivities in the 18th century, when the shamrock (which is, of course, green) became a national symbol. Because of the shamrock’s popularity and Ireland’s landscape, the colour stuck to the holiday. Green is the now the colour associated with St Patrick's day.

Wearing green on St. Patrick's Day is a way to celebrate Irish culture and heritage. The colour green is strongly associated with Ireland, symbolising its lush landscapes and the iconic shamrock, which is said to have been used by St. Patrick to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity.






Exclusive Weir & Sons Fabergé Egg Objet

Weir & Sons Fabergé Collaboration


These objets were specially handcrafted for Weir & Sons by Fabergé, and they are one of a kind pieces. They comprise 18K yellow gold and green guilloche vitreous enamel with 6 modern round brilliant cut diamonds set. 


Palais Tsarskoye Selo Green Pendant











Happy Hearts 18K Rose Gold & Green Agate Bangle






Nicola Light Green Drop Earrings

Ti Sento

Gold Plated & Silver Clover Pendant









Tsuyosa Collection 40mm, Stainless Steel, Green Dial, Automatic Watch


Happy Sport Collection 30mm, Stainless Steel, Green Dial, Quartz Watch





Celtic Symbols of Ireland


Celtic jewellery in Ireland encapsulates profound symbolism and heritage, captivating hearts worldwide. The claddagh ring hands clasping a heart topped with a crown, embodies love, loyalty, and friendship. Wearers signal their affection: inward, their heart is taken; outward, open to new love. The trinity knot, steeped in Christian tradition and eternal love, graces gifts with intertwining curves reminiscent of ancient manuscripts.

Celtic knots and crosses evoke infinity and faith, while the shamrock and harp proudly embody Irish identity. The tree of life, rooted in history, intertwines with modernity, symbolising wisdom and connection. Each piece, a testament to Ireland's enduring spirit and timeless allure.



Sterling Silver Tree of Life Pendant


Sterling Silver Crystal Claddagh Pendant






Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring


9K Yellow Gold Shamrock Pendant




The Leprechaun

The leprechaun, a symbol deeply rooted in Irish folklore, embodies whimsy, mischief, and luck. Representing Ireland's storytelling traditions, they guard pots of gold and bring laughter. During St. Patrick's Day, they symbolise Irish heritage and charm, reminding of the Emerald Isle's magic and the spirit of its people.

Deakin & Francis

Leprechaun Cufflinks






Wishing you a Happy Saint Patrick's Day weekend from all of us here at Weir & Sons!




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