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  • Black Friday Inspiration 2023 | Weir & Sons

      Black Friday is here and we have compiled our most exciting deals, showcasing the best from our top brands while you enjoy a 10% off across our website with the code GREEN10, which is only available online. From diverse tastes to various budgets, there is a deal suited for everyone.  Green Friday  is great opportunity to buy
  • November’s Birthstones: Topaz & Citrine

    What do November birthstones represent?  People born in November have a choice of two exquisite birthstones: topaz and citrine. Topaz exhibits a wide range of hues: encompassing colourless, light blue, yellow, orange, pink, violet, brown and rarely red. While citrine is cherished for its delightful yellow and orange shades. Both November
  • Autumn/Winter 2023 | Jewellery Trends at Weir & Sons

      As the upcoming season draws near, our focus shifts to the intricacies of the fine jewellery landscape. Let's revisit the styles that are poised to make a significant impact this autumn/winter season and unravel the intriguing developments. At Weir & Sons, we're presenting the key trends in the jewellery scene to keep an eye on, along
  • October's Birthstones | Opal & Pink Tourmaline

      Is October’s Birthstone Opal or Tourmaline?   Those who were born in October have the privilege of celebrating their birthdays with two stunning birthstones: opal and pink tourmaline. The birthstones for this month are known for their multi-coloured brilliance, as both opal and tourmaline typically display a captivating spectrum of
  • September’s Birthstone |The Enchanting Sapphire

    What's September's birthstone?  Being the ninth month upon us, we find ourselves at the threshold of the enchanting and romantic autumnal season. Within this month lies a gemstone that epitomizes loyalty, romance and an air of high society—the sapphire.  This stone is cherished by many, and it can be found in only a few countries
  • TUDOR New Releases 2023 – Alinghi Red Bull Partnership

        TUDOR is excited to announce the launch of its latest Pelagos FXD collection, inspired by its partnership with Alinghi Red Bull Racing. This collaboration has led to the creation of two exceptional models: a chronograph and a time-only watch, both drawing inspiration from the thrilling world of yacht racing. Crafted with a blend of
  • Cartier New Releases 2023| Explore the New Additions

    In the world of Cartier, time transcends the conventional linear notion and embraces a cyclical rhythm. It is within this extraordinary vision that the Maison continuously engages in a boundless journey of transformation and reinvention, perpetually propelling us into the future. With unlimited possibilities and infinite creativity, Cartier's new
  • Mastering Time: A Journey into the World of OMEGA Watches

      Within the world of horology, OMEGA has emerged as an enduring symbol of excellence, seamlessly blending craftsmanship, innovation, and timeless design. As a renowned powerhouse within the esteemed Swatch Group, OMEGA holds an irreplaceable position in the hearts of watch enthusiasts worldwide. OMEGA is one of the watch brands that has
  • Statement Paris New at Weir & Sons

    Step into the world of Statement, a going against the flow Jewellery brand, now available at Weir & Sons.        About the FounderAmélie Huynh's lifelong love for jewellery led her to embark on a journey in a renowned Maison at Place Vendôme, honing her skills in design and manufacturing. In 2018, fuelled by her
  • Rolex | Rolex & The Open: Golf's Oldest Major

                      The partnership between Rolex and golf began in 1967 when Arnold Palmer became the sport's first Tesmonee. Since then, the brand has become Official Timekeeper and is a principal partner of many leading events and stakeholders in the game. 
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